Tony Julius

I am a Giant Teddy Bear and a man of few words... 

I used to be very quiet... Ever since I picked up a camera I have made big changes in my life. It wasn't easy. I was an athlete but I was also a gamer, nerd, and an artist before it was cool. I had friends who were artists, jocks, cowboys, curbies, band geeks, bookworms, and the popular kids, but I never fit in with any group. So as you can imagine, I didn't go out much and was pretty shy.  

once I picked up a digital camera my world was never the same again. It all started with weddings which I absolutely love. Then, it was live music which really got me out of the house more. I did some Senior photos for a bit, but I just wasn't social enough for it. That was when I found Comicon. 


I immediately felt like I fit in with the people, the costumes, and the community. At my second convention, I went to my first charity event and fell in love. I started meeting people, talking more, and of course taking photos. I'd found a happy niche for myself, but soon learned if I wanted to get great photos, I had to help with posing, facial expressions, lighting, and backgrounds. It was a challenge for sure, but one I didn't shy away from.  

I'd found my voice.

Without the camera, I am still pretty quiet, but once it's in my hands I come out of that shell I'd been comfortable in for my whole life. I love to chat, I love to make people smile and show them how amazing they look And most importantly, I have fun and get to laugh. I love to laugh. 

Now I have come full circle and can apply everything I love about weddings, music, and even cosplay to my Senior Photos. 

Man, do I love senior photos more than ever now! I've found who I am now. And now I get to help you show the world who you are right NOW! Bring the stuff you love. a guitar, a pet, a baseball bat. There are no rules, it's all about you and what you love. Dress in your favorite jeans and sneakers, or Something dressy. hats or sunglasses are awesome too!  

Do you have a crazy idea for a special photo or are you not sure what's possible? Let me know! We can do something epic and out of the box (Those are my favorite)! Do you have access to a cool location that you love? A crazy garage, the ultimate gaming room, a ranch with acres no one can be on but you? The sky's the limit!