I am a giant teddy bear and a man of few words... 

I used to be very quiet... once I picked up a digital camera my world was never the same again. I've made big changes in my life. .  

I've found my voice.

Without the camera, I am still pretty quiet, but once it's in my hands I come out of that shell that I'd been comfortable in for my whole life. I love to chat, I love to make people smile and show them how amazing they look, and most importantly, I have fun and get to laugh. I love to laugh. 

I've found who I am. . . and now I get to help you show the world who you are right NOW! 

Meet Tony

My goal in life is to be the best example for young people, I want them to see that if you work hard enough you can succeed at anything.

I never dreamed that I would own a business, but it is one of my proudest accomplishments and the thing that pushes me the most out of my comfort zone.

I love being a photographer.  I love creating keepsakes that will stand the test of time.  Photographs are pieces of your life that you can hold in your hand. They can make the emotions you were feeling come rushing to the surface, They can remind you of adversity you have overcome, or the tender touch of someone you loved that is no longer near.  They also reveal the lies that we tell ourselves.  The one that says we aren't good enough, pretty enough, thin enough.  You'll always pick up an old photograph and see yourself as you truly were. 

I want you to hold your photographs and see who you genuinely are NOW.  Strong, fierce, smart, beautiful and absolutely capable of chasing your dreams.

Meet Jaime